With consumers flocking to online shopping, many people have identified this as an opportunity and joined the eCommerce market. Whether you are new to the space or an experienced eCommerce provider, we have some tips to make sure your business is a success in 2020.

  • Reinvest your profits

As your business grows and the profits roll in, it can be tempting to pocket this cash and use it for personal use. Given the everchanging world that we live in, you should be reinvesting some of these profits, especially in the beginning. Online markets are highly competitive in 2020 and you want to be sure you stand out from the crowd by remaining relevant and continually improving your customer experience.

  • Be consistent with your content

Content is a key part of eCommerce in 2020. Get on top of yours by creating a weekly schedule so that you know exactly what you are going to post and when. Make sure that this schedule is consistent. For instance, if you have a blog, choose a day each week to release a new post and stick to it.

  • Keep experimenting

If you want to keep up with the trends and continue to engage your audience, you need to keep experimenting. This is especially true when it comes to online marketing. Think of new ways to promote your products using different text, visuals and channels. Experiment with different types of advertisements to see what is most effective in attracting your target audience. Paperstack are experts in testing, including A/B testing which is a must-have for any digital marketing campaign. 

  • Seek feedback from your audience

Want to deliver what your audience is really seeking? Ask them what they need. So many businesses predict what their customers need without actually seeking confirmation, and this can be their downfall. Don’t assume you know what the market wants. Instead, seek feedback from your audience so that you can tailor your offerings to match the demand. 

  • Show appreciation to your customers

It is much easier (and cheaper) to keep an existing client than it is to secure a new one. Show your appreciation to your customers so they know they are valued and will, therefore, be more likely to stick around. It might be a shoutout on social media or a special discount via email. You may even choose to establish a loyalty program where customers are rewarded for their continued business. It’s a good way to encourage repeat business in a saturated market.

  • Offer upselling options

In 2020, upselling is an effective way to boost your sales. From the moment you launch your eCommerce business, there should be options for upselling. If somebody is already purchasing one of your products and has all of their payment information ready, they will be more receptive to an additional offer. This is an easier way to increase your revenues than landing new customers.

  • Run flash sales

If your online store does not have a flash sale page, it’s time to add one. Promoting items through a flash sale creates a sense of urgency and this might be just what you need to land a sale. You might also be able to secure ongoing customers using this strategy. New customers might not want to pay full price if they’ve never done business with you before, but if they are happy with the quality of a discounted product, there’s a good chance they will return for more full-priced products.

Remember that continuous development is one of the most important parts of eCommerce success in 2020, as you never want to become stale. The eCommerce world is a thriving space, but with these tips, you’ll be able to carve out your own niche and stand out from the crowd.