Every single website is actually unique in its own way, and that is certainly a really interesting yet real fact. We have seen trends when it comes to e-commerce website designs like animation, a full 360-degree view of the products and also advanced filtering of the dynamic products. These trends do not guarantee a conversion rate for the robust user experience either. There are also some elements which even single e-commerce site should have in order to make them relevant and also in order to let them stay competitive. In this guide, I will make sure that I include some must-have features that will attract the online shoppers.

online shoppers

  • The site should be user-friendly. The user interface should be very simple, and it should be an example to set when it comes to good design, and you should also not have to sacrifice the elegance of the site to achieve it. There have been multiple studies that have shown that people do love a site that is really user-friendly and one that is also easy to navigate.
  • They hate too many advertisements on the site (websites ads). I know that as a website owner, you will have to place some advertisements here and there, but you should never over do it because it because it will be really horrible to look at for the people who are on the website because they genuinely need some information. Speaking with personal experience, some ads even get in the way of the information, and that is easily one of the most annoying things that will make the users click off the page indeed.

page indeed

  • One of the most important things about the site is that it should be mobile-friendly as well. It is a very well known and an important fact that more than 80% of the users on the internet are active on mobile devices like phones and tablets and that is why, if you have a website active on the world wide web, you should make sure that they are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices. Optimization is certainly one of the most important things that you should keep in mind indeed. When someone goes on your site with the help of a phone, you should have optimized it in such a way that they have a great experience and that they will come back and also that they will probably even tell people about it.
  • The site must have high-resolution pictures relating to the content on the site, and you should also make sure that it does not load slowly. People have been known to click off if the site does not load in 5 seconds.