B2B Purchase Order

If your customers pay on a 30 day account or by issuing a purchase order, and not by card at the time they go through checkout, then you may wish to set up 30 day payments on terms. This is easily done in Ozcart.

Integration with Ozcart

Setting up payments on 30 day accounts, by purchase order or on terms is easy with Ozcart.

Simply activate or select Purchase Order as a payment method in your Ozcart store administration area and you can enter instructions for your customers that will be shown to them on checkout.


Key Facts

You can enter whatever details you wish to display to your customers into the Ozcart administration area and these are shown to your customers.

  • You can also restrict this payment method to particular customer groups or have multiple purchase order options (with different instructions) for different customer groups. This is very useful for wholesalers or distributors who may have different instructions for different groups of retailers or their dealer network.
  • You can use the Communication feature of Ozcart to track messages from the customer specific to the order
  • You can take advantage of Ozcart’s Edit Orders facility to update the order after it is initially processed, if the customer adds to their order or changes it based on stock availability or in discussion with you
  • The order details can be optionally exported to a CSV file to import into your accounting system
  • Terms can be displayed on invoices if you wish.
Banks Supported

As no money changes hands at checkout time, any Australian bank can be used – as per your business terms.

Getting Set up

It only takes a few minutes to set up purchase orders in your Ozcart store admin.

Contact Details

Purchase Orders are a manual order processing payment method in Ozcart, and do not require that you sign up to an external gateway service.