Phone or Fax Orders

With Ozcart, you can use your store to collect an order and then ask the customer to phone in or fax in their credit card details. Or, you can phone them to collect their card details.

Integration with Ozcart

It’s a straight forward process to set up your store to accept phone or fax ordering.

Once you select the phone or fax payment method in your store’s control panel, you can type in the instructions for buyers which are displayed on the checkout and order screens that customers see. For example, will you phone them or will they phone you? What information do they need to provide? Where do they fax their details or call?


When an order is placed via phone or fax it can be added using the “Add order from Admin” feature of Ozcart.


Key Facts

You can provide customers with any instructions you like about sending in their details. Make sure you only provide them with secure methods of email – do not ask them to send credit card details by email for example, as this is not a secure transfer method.

Banks Supported

As no money changes hands at checkout time, any Australian bank can be used. You may wish to use phone or fax ordering methods for international customers as well. For anti-fraud reasons, you should also ask international to provide a scan of the card that they are using and/or identification verification if the amount of the transaction is large so you can run some basic anti-fraud checks.

Getting Set up

Once you’ve entered instructions into the store administration area, Ozcart is ready to use this payment method. How the actual transaction is processed depends on your business processes, but once processed you can update their order status in the store’s administration area.

Contact Details

Phone and Fax Ordering is a manual order processing payment method in Ozcart. This means it does not require that you sign up to an external gateway service.