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Get Australian ecommerce features to help your business grow

Less hassle with a hosted shopping cart

Many user of free open-source shopping cart solutions like Zen Cart, Woocomerce or OpenCart switch to a hosted shopping cart solution to reduce the hassle in their business.

Open-source shopping carts can provide you with plenty of flexibility but can be difficult to maintain as your business grows. For instance, you have to remember to keep updating your software with the latest updates to plugins or to install fixes. What if yu find that an update to an essential plugin not compatible with something else in your store? Or it hasn’t been updated by the plugin’s author when it needs to be? If so, you’ll have to wait for it to be fixed or engage a private programmer to fix it. If you don’t know how something works, or need to ask a specific question you may find yourself having to trawl through support forums seeking the answer to your question and there may be conflicting opinions or answers. On top of all of this you have to keep everything secure, and then manage your business too.

Hosted ecommerce solutions like Ozcart can act like your own virtual IT manager, taking care of things like security updates behind the scenes and providing guidance to you when you run into difficulty doing something using your store or an unexpected error message. It can reduce much of the hassle of running a website, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Feeling secure

An Ozcart hosted solution takes care of security behind the scenes and is PCI compliant – giving you the peace-of-mind to focus on the important things in your business that will generate sales like marketing your website, managing your product catalogue and communicating with your customers. Your SSL certificate to protect your checkout security will be free for the first-year.

Designed for you

Ozcart websites include a personalised web design as part of every package. Choose one of the base designs from our collection and our graphics studio will design you interactive slides or a static front image that reflects your brand and style, recolour the design to suit your business colours and pre-populate your website with your business name, ABN and logo so you can hit the ground running. If you want something more unique, a custom design can be tailored for your needs, to give you even more input and flexibility in the store design process.

Australian ecommerce features

Don’t waste hours configuring your site for Australian GST and Australian exchange rate settings, going through thousands of built-in static text lists to change spellings to Australian, working out how to integrate Australian payment gateways, buying/building calculators for Australian shipping methods or having to pay for third party services on top of your shopping cart to get access to shipping provider’s calculators and formatting your invoices for Australian ATO compliance. It’s all done for you before you start working on your site so all you need to do is test it – this saves you time and hassle.

Useful selling tools

We have the features that you need for your business to get you going quicker. Just some of these include an easy to use store administration area with everything collected together in tabs, a modular block editor so you can manipulate elements on your pages to suit needs or promotions, a promotional rules engine to give you plenty of flexibility and advanced features like B2B reordering, multiple levels of wholesale pricing, dropshipper management and shipping price calculations depending on where (or how or who) an item will be sent from. Throw in tools like product filters, data feeds, search engine friendly urls, your own domain name and Ozcart makes a sensible and useful platform to grow an existing online business.

See our full list of Ecommerce Features or take our Ozcart Feature Tour.

Minimise disruption

Your new Ozcart website doesn’t have to be built on top of your live website. It can be built in a special staging area where you can use the site for up to eight weeks as if it was live on your domain name. That way you can get the site just right on a temporary domain name before you point your domain name and replace your current website.

Import your store data

If your current website allows you to export customers, orders, categories, products and image locations to a comma delimited spreadsheet file (CSV format) then you can use the spreadsheet importer to import your store data into the cart. Ask us if you’d like to see a sample of the spreadsheet file that you’ll need to use and we’d be happy to provide one to you.

We’ll help get you going

In addition to personalising the store design, we will do some of the set up work for you:

  • We can set up 5 payment options for you in your store admin
  • We can set up 5 shipping methods for you in your store admin
  • We can set up the links in the footer of your website, and set up dummy pages for you to add the content
  • We can add up to 10 content pages (about us, policies etc) with the information you provide
  • We set up your navigation (top level menus, and footer links in your site)
  • If you’re switching from another cart we can give you guidance on how you can set up “301 redirects” from the Ozcart administration panel for your most important pages, to help the search engines re-index your website as quickly as possible

We have 7-days a week support via email for the rest of the work that you do yourself, so you won’t be left to figure it out yourself. We are here and happy to help.

Want to know more? You don’t need to learn another design editor to use Ozcart – we’ll design your site using the base theme of your choice from our collection. Read more about our design process or View our base themes.