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Ecommerce Websites for Australians – Ozcart®

Starting an online business? Do it without the hassle. Get Australian-specific online shop features, Australian-based support and a striking customised design that’s already branded for your business. Here’s why you should just choose Ozcart®.










Designed for you

Ozcart stores are a complete all-in-one ecommerce package and include a professional personalised design branded to your business. Your website is personalised using your chosen layout design. This means that when your site comes back to you it will be branded to your business with personalised graphics, your colour scheme and your logo inserted.
So what is included?
  • Personalised colour scheme
  • Home page graphic
  • Your logo resized and inserted into the websites header, invoices and on gift certificates
  • Professional stock images to create your banners or we can use your product images
  • Up to 3 design revisions on your stores finished design


Secure hosting built in


Ozcart is a hosted solution. This means we take care of the technology and you run your business from a web based interface. Ecommerce websites are hosted in certified secure, world-class data centres on powerful multi-processor servers with multiple backup systems and 24/7 server monitoring.





secure ecommerce websites hosting




Australian features



Ozcart includes many shopping cart features tailored for Australia. This includes things like no product limits, shipping calculations on product dimensions, support for Australian-specific shipping providers and payment providers, an extended Australia Post calculator, GST, currency, Australian spelling and ATO invoice tax compliance all built-in.

















Australian support



Ozcart ecommerce websites have Australian based support with no limits on the number of questions you can ask.

We have a manual, quick reference knowledgebase and email-based ticket system to answer questions specific to your site. Our team are experienced and genuinely care about resolving your online shop issues.



No contracts



If your business doesn’t work out, you won’t find yourself locked into a long term contract. To cancel your Ozcart website you just have to have your account up-to-date and give us more than 7 days notice so you are not billed or charged for another month.












b2b or retail



Retail or Wholesale



Your online shop website will be feature-rich, with a look and feel that reflects your business and compatibility with a number of Australian payment and shipping methods. It’s the shopping cart with tools already tailored for the needs of Australian business.  Whether you’re operating as a B2B wholesale business, retailer or a mix of both, an Ozcart® shop is for you.



Loading your data



In addition to shipping and payment options, we will load 10 of your real category names, 10 of your product names/prices/images and descriptions, 10 of your content pages (like shipping policy and returns policy), and create you 3 home page slide show slides. Together with customising the colour scheme, Ozcart makes it easy for you to start selling sooner.











Marketing tools galore


Ozcart is more than just a shopping cart with Australian features and support. With Ozcart ecommerce websites you get built in tools to help you set up promotional rules, engage in social and search engine marketing, run email and newsletter campaigns, offer gift certificates or a gift registry, use third party shopping comparison sites, and analyse your sales performance with abandoned shopping cart and sales reports included.


Let us help you



We have been helping Australian businesses sell online for over a decade so we know the Australian ecommerce market. With affordable monthly prices from just $24/month Australian Dollars Including GST, let us help you too.