Complete Custom Design

Ozcart websites come with a personalised version of one of our standard themes (where we change out the colours, fonts and some of the graphics subject to our stated limits). But want if a custom theme designed for you? If you want something outside our standard package, a custom design gives you more flexibility. We may be able to design a custom Ozcart theme that meets your needs using the information you provide us with, and give you up to 5 design revisions.


Here is what we do:

  • Consult with you via email or phone to find out the things you like, your needs and any ideas you’d like to contribute or suggest
  • We’ll create a complete custom theme for your website to suit your requirements. You’ll get a responsive mobile website design for your online store that adjusts itself to fit desktop or mobile screens.
  • The custom theme will be integrated into the Ozcart shopping cart
  • We’ll customise the colour scheme and fonts – you can choose any combination of Google fonts that you would like us to use. If you are not sure our design team can make some suggestions for you.
  • We’ll create a custom footer menu structure
  • We’ll create a custom header menu structure
  • Optionally create a slide show on your home page that you can add to, replace or turn off. Our design team will take the image you provide and the words you give us and create something for you. If you don’t have any image, we can choose imagery from our photo library which you can remove later if you wish to have something else at a later date. We add either 1 wide (full screen width) image or 5 normal width (max 1200 pixels wide images)
  • You can have up to 5 design revisions, if you require them.
  • Add your business details – we’ll add your business name, contact details, and existing logo that you provide us with
  • Set up your contact form – we’ll add a contact us form – with custom input field names if you wish
  • Set up your category and navigation structure – with up to 30 of your real categories or sub-categories, and 30 of your actual products
  • Set up the columns of links at the bottom (footer) of your website
  • Set up your payment options and shipping prices (up to 5 options on checkout of each)
  • Create a matching favicon for your website or upload one you provide us with
  • 10 content pages added with the information you’ve written and provided to us – e.g. About Us, Store Policies etc.

The functionality of Ozcart is the same whether you choose to have a custom or standard design. Custom design applies to the look and feel of the website pages, and does not include changing the way that the functionality of the cart works. If you have an enquiry about the functionality of the cart you would need to contact us for a quote before you buy.

What you will do when you get your site back:

  • Add the remaining products – you can use the ones we’ve added for you as a template
  • Edit the text in your content pages and add other ones that you need (e.g. FAQ)
  • Replace or add to your home page slideshow images
  • Add any passwords to your payment options or shipping pricing
  • Test your checkout
    Get help from us via our 7-day a week email-based support system or online questions-and-answers knowledgebase

Custom design layout package are available on request, depending on your needs. Just ask us for a quote.

If you have something specific that you’d like us to do, then a custom theme might be just right for you. Please contact us and tell us what you want to do, we can let you know if it is possible and/or any additional charges that would apply.

On a tighter budget? Our standard design process includes customisation of your choice of base theme design.

See the base themes available on our standard designs